5 Tips for You to Be Wrong to Choose Heroes in Mobile Legends

Pick Hero is the most important moment in the game Mobile Legends. At this moment, the chance of winning or not a team is determined. If one team chooses the right composition of the hero plus is able to counter the opponent hero, almost certainly the team will win the game. Here are 5 tips so there is no wrong pick hero in this game.
  1. If you get a first pick, immediately brush select the mainstay hero If you have the first chance to pick a hero, just brush your flagship hero, and don't hesitate at all, even though there will be a friend requesting that you choose a "certain" hero. It's very legitimate and it's natural for you to do it because it's a first pick and you get that opportunity.
  2. If you get a second pick or third pick, try to choose a team balancing hero When you get a second pick or third pick, your best choice is to choose a balance hero for your team composition and also to counter your opponent's hero. There's nothing wrong with succumbing to a team victory, it's better than aiming for kill or assists that are excessive.
  3. Have an alternative of at least 1 mainstay hero on each role This is very important, you must at least have 1 mainstay hero on each role. The reason is that you are better prepared and not confused later if the role hero you want has been picked by a friend. Many players are confused when a favorite hero / desired role hero has been picked by a friend, usually such players will force to choose a hero on the same role and that is obviously not very good for hero composition.
  4. Monitor the pick of the hero of choice of friends and opponents You have to keep looking at your cellphone screen when the pick process takes place. This is not pretentious but it must be done for you to choose the right hero for your team and to counter your opponent hero. Don't blink your eyes if you need to, concentrate and focus on seeing all the heroes that your friends and opponents pick.
  5. Don't hesitate to ask a hero to a friend (exchanging heroes) In draft pick mode, exchanging heroes is allowed between team players. This is your chance if the mainstay hero has been kicked by a friend, then there's no harm in asking a hero to a friend or exchanging heroes. If your friend is a professional player, he will be happy to exchange heroes with you Well, through the tips above, you will have the right composition of the hero and closer to victory. Ready to try?

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