PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds contains a nice choice of weapons that players will make a choice from. With all the gun classes being in style, one factor that separates the nice players from the great players is that the information of a way to use every class to the fullest. This guide are going to be specializing in the submachine guns and their statistics, injury output, best ways in which to use them, what attachments to use, and also the perks of every machine gun

PUBG machine gun STATS

PUBG will an honest job at equalization their guns therefore no gun is actually overcome. every machine gun will place out a crazy quantity of injury close-range however has their individual positives and negatives that build them distinctive. The small submachine gun is nice for hip-firing close-range with its quick time between shots however has {the least|the smallest quantity} amount of injury. The UMP9 could be a nice all-round machine gun as a result of it's an outsized clip, sensible hit injury, virtually no recoil, and properly quick firing rate. The Kriss Vector is one in all the foremost in style close-range guns within the game because of its quick firing rate, like the small submachine gun, however higher injury. The submachine gun has the very best hit injury out of the submachine guns and largest ammunition capability however cannot use any sights on that, therefore players area unit stuck victimization the iron-sights. Here could be a quick-reference guide to some vital machine gun stats:

PUBG machine gun injury

Now that you simply area unit rested on a number of the vital base statistics of the submachine guns, we wish to hide the injury output that every SMG will do to the various levels of helmets and vests. Here could be a handy dandy guide for SMG injury outputs:

PUBG machine gun GUIDE

As antecedently mentioned, every machine gun is exclusive. Time to travel over a way to use them and what attachments area unit best for them.

Micro submachine gun: This SMG is that the only 1 which will be connected with a small Uzi stock, and it will build an unbelievable distinction within the hip-fire. The stock additionally to associate degree extended magazine makes the small submachine gun very dangerous close-range. No sights is connected to the small submachine gun, therefore players should use the iron-sights. Although, it's more practical to simply hip-fire with this SMG. A compensator was nice however isn't necessary.

UMP9: the most effective all-round SMG is that the UMP9. it's just about the sole SMG which will be used at mid-range because of its virtually non-existent recoil. though it's the slowest hearth rate of the SMGs, it's a solid clip size moreover because the second highest injury. you actually don't want any attachments on the UMP9 for it to be deadly, however if you're searching for the most effective loadout then you may desire a suppressor, a vertical or angular  grip, then associate degree extended quickdraw magazine. simply purpose and shoot with this gun and you may be fine.

Kriss Vector: The Vector is arguably the most effective close-range gun within the game. it's an especially quick hearth rate, moreover nearly as good hit injury. The draw back to the current gun is that it solely holds thirteen bullets in an exceedingly clip, creating associate degree extended magazine a requirement for it to be thought-about specific. though it doesn't want from now on attachments besides the extended magazine, it will take a barrel attachment, grip, sight, and a military science stock to kit it out. This SMG is dismissed from each the hip or whereas aiming down sights and still be very effective.

Tommy Gun: With fifty rounds in associate degree extended clip, the very best injury, and a comparatively quick hearth rate, the submachine gun could be a nice possibility for wiping entire squad. The draw back to the current gun is that it cannot use a sight, therefore players area unit cursed with the iron sights. this can be not a tangle although, as a result of the hip hearth is very effective. simply move into guns blazing and don't stop till everyone seems to be dead!.



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