WoW PUBG Will Have Zombie Mode

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has just updated their game by adding Zombie mode.

Zombie Mode is reportedly Kwa present in the Arcade menu, along with War mode, fast Match, mini Zone and marksman coaching, according to Gadgets.ndtv, Friday (4/1).
Some time ago, PUBG Mobile announced a collaboration with Capcom to present a Resident Evil theme a pair of. The presence of Zombie mode seems to be one of the results of the collaboration prayer.

Not just the new Zombie principle, the PUBG Mobile update will also offer a cam, the Kwa principle displays more clearly when someone dies in the game.
Then came Botswana monetary unit weapons MK forty seven Mutant principle before it had been removed first in the laptop version. Scheduled Kwa updates are present around the date of eighteen to twenty January 2019. (mg9 / jpnn)

The following is a complete list of updates on the PUBG Mobile version of zero.10.5.

  • Tukshai on Sanhok map
  • Snow area on Erangel
  • Weather features in Miramar and Erangel
  • Death cam
  • Zombie Mode
  • MK forty seven Mutant Rifle
  • Laser sight
  • Snow Bike at Vikendi
  • New emote
  • Classic Voices
  • Map of Vikendi out of the Iranian language beta


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